• The tabs in the main window now displays the status of its contents via icons.
    If there are snapshots you will see a checkbox on the snapshot-tab.
    The Status-tab will show an icon representing the status with the highest severity; error, warning or info.
    Replication-tab will display an OK, or warning-icon as well as a text with more info.
    This makes it easier to quickly get the overall status of the VM without having to go into the tabs.
  • There’s  a new filetype for saved settings.
  • Settings can be manually edited using the “Settings>All Settings” menu command.
  • The new settings file type is registered in windows and the configuration can be started by double-clicking on it.
    Make a copy of %APPDATA%\ProHVM-settings.hvmc and start that configuration by double-clicking on it. You can then make changes to it with different configurations for Home, Work, Client1, Client2 etc.
  • The Status-tab of the VM now displays historic events that can be filtered on type, age and text. Double-clicking an event will display the full info.
  • Manage VLAN settings of the VM (v. 2.63.05)
  • Manage Boot source of the VM (v. 2.63.06)

Bug fixes:

  • A bug that prevented the saved server-connections from being loaded is fixed.
  • ProHVM no longer “Clears” the settings if it fails to load.
  • A memory leak has been fixed.

Use Menu command “Application > Check for updates” in ProHVM to update, or download new version from HERE.

ProHVM Version 2.63

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