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ProHVM Version 2.62

  • cVM now is integrated in the main application and RDP sessions to VM’s can be opened in tabs.
    Two new settings are available in Settings under the main menu. You can select to use cVM as default even when MS ActiveX Rdp is available and also if you want to open cVM in tabs.
  • New Installer
    ProHVM is no longer installing itself in the Windows directory. You can still type “HVM” in the CMD on core installations though…
    There is a new updater so using Application>Check for updates works better after this update!
    The old installer is still available here (if you prefer it or have any issues with the new one).

+ Some minor updates and bug fixes…

NOTE: Due to bug fixes in how Pro HVM store settings, you may have to re-enter your passwords under host settings after this update.  


Version 2.62.02

  • Fixed bug where new VM sometimes gets created with wrong hardware.
  • Improved performance and GUI updates.

Use Menu command "Application > Check for updates" to update, or download from here.